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I'm Kayley — an LA girl, but always dreaming of my next travel destination. I've spent my life seeking out ways to level up and expand my horizons — and I know you can relate. #dreambig
Growing up, I had a passion for celebrity news and was mesmerized by the glitz and glam of Hollywood — so much so that I landed my first job out of college at Entertainment Tonight. My 7 years in entertainment news included interviewing A-list celebrities like The Rock, Kim Kardashian, Chris Pratt and Katy Perry — just to name a few. And I did so on the biggest red carpets like The Oscars, The Golden Globes and The Grammys. Working as a producer in a top newsroom at ET, the booking department at Hallmark Channel and as a reporter for Us Weekly Magazine, I know what it takes to produce the highest quality content that entertains, educates and inspires.

As a member of the media, I have worked with the top publicists, producers and talent in the biz. Being on the receiving end of every pitch under the sun, I know exactly what it takes for a pitch to turn into publicity — and this is a secret I want to share with YOU! I value collaboration over competition and believe in the power of shared insight. That is why I have both free resources and paid programs designed to give you the inside knowledge you need straight from the source who knows what it takes to get you booked and grant you the media exposure you deserve.


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