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Guiding you to become the thought-leader of your industry.

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-You don’t have the time or resources to earn consistent media exposure.

-You don’t know where to start, don’t know who to trust, and are overwhelmed by PR information overload.

-Your PR strategy has been inconsistent, time consuming or low on your priority list.

-You’re aimlessly throwing pitches out into the media abyss and waiting for something to stick.

-You’ve outsourced the wrong PR services which have cost you big money and given you zero return. 

-You lack insight on how earned media works, you don’t have media contacts and you don’t know what the media are looking for.

-You’re overwhelmed by the thought of getting visible and putting yourself out there.

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-You could skyrocket your brand’s visibility by being featured in top-tier, high quality media outlets.

-You became a thought-leader in your industry and built relationships with the media as their go-to industry expert.

-You could increase your reach and tap into a bigger market of your target audience, leading to increased sales and more predictable business growth.

-You spent less $$$ on paid ads and instead earned media exposure that’s more cost effective and produces a bigger ROI.

-You had opportunities to spread your message through digital features, podcast interviews, TV segments, contributor articles, speaking events & more.

-You were able to implement a simple, consistent and sustainable earned media strategy within the walls of your business that leads to more and more exposure month after month.

-You became a PR generating machine with ease!


Founder of KAYLEY Media and 2X Emmy-Award winning celebrity news reporter, journalist and producer turned media coach and consultant. I grew up mesmerized by the glamour of Hollywood and the influence of celebrity. My childhood dream was to meet the people whom the world adored, to speak with them face-to-face and to connect with them as humans. I didn’t want to be them — I wanted to know them. Although I was an extremely shy young girl from Colorado, my heart was always set on the bright lights of Hollywood. By having just slightly more self-belief than doubt that I could manifest my dream of being a red carpet reporter, I pushed past fear and made my Hollywood dreams come true.

As a celebrity journalist, I’ve interviewed hundreds of A-list stars including  The Rock, Kim Kardashian, Chris Pratt and Katy Perry — and I’ve done so on the biggest red carpets including The Oscars, The Golden Globes, The Grammys and The Emmys. I’ve worked alongside the most talented and hard-working people in the entertainment industry and have experienced the ‘behind the scenes’ of TV, digital and print news media.

In 2020 when life changed for us all, I experienced a rock bottom and turned inward to search for guidance. Through the power of the media, thought-leaders, experts, high-value and heart-centered people found me. It was because of podcasts, digital articles, television segments, blogs, virtual talks and more that I was able to discover distant mentors who expanded my outlook on life and helped me restructure the vision for what I believed was possible for my future.


In 2021, KAYLEY Media was established to guide mindful, heart-centered and purpose-driven entrepreneurs to reach the people waiting to hear from them by spreading their message and increasing their visibility through the power of earned media exposure.

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You will receive weekly insight, tools, strategies & tips to help you earn consistent and impactful media exposure + FREE mini media trainings!

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Megan Swan
Mindset & Wellness Coach, Megan Swan Wellness

"Kayley is an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience. Literally after spending one hour with her I went from having no idea how to get press to dedicating 10 minutes a day to pitching which has landed me 4 digital feature interviews and a quote as an expert in another well known publication within a few weeks of putting her advice into practice. Not to mention she is such a sweetheart and really has her clients' best interests at heart. I would work with her sooner rather than later!"

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Lauren Petrullo
CEO & Founder, Mongoose Media

"I couldn't believe ALL THE VALUE Kayley provided. I thought I had a story to share, she showed me that really I have like 15 bajillion! She tailored pitch recommendations based on publications I want to get featured in and took the fear out of pitching. The process was so clear. The workflow is manageable. I've instituted KAYLEY Media's process as is on my team for my brand AND my clients. We have 3 team members following this formula and follow-up strategy.

I always knew that I had a story to tell... I just couldn't do it. Enter Kayley Media. This was seriously the best investment I made for the long term result. Earned media is worth its weight in GOLD. I got sick of the imposter syndrome and watching less qualified leaders get featured referencing outdated material and worst practice solutions. Kayley's curriculum took the anxiety out of the pitch and I was able to pass this to my team to implement. Now we're tracking 5 pitches a week leveraging the highly tailored pitches Kayley helped craft. Thank you!!!!!"

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Kayley Hamilton and her team have been an amazing resource for my business!  Kayley's expertise, professionalism, and passionate commitment to my success has been extraordinary.  She is a beautiful person with impeccable style and integrity.  As an entrepreneur I appreciate what it takes to provide this level of customer service.  Kayley Media is the missing link to take my business to the next level, with  tools which empower me to offer my expertise and serve a much larger audience.  The media exposure I have received is invaluable as I continue to build my brand and make a positive global impact. Thank You!

Prepare content and timely pitch angles with a:​

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Hundreds of story ideas and timely angles to add your voice

to the bigger conversation and tap into the power of the media.